a leading company is the sports sector, specializes in the distribution of specific products for Athletics and Gymnastics; it has long since consolidated its activities thanks to the knowledge and experience of its staff in designing and implementing furnishing for sports facilities, earning customers’ trust in delivering cutting-edge and high-quality sports equipment and apparatus.
We constantly strive to offer our customers the best performing products and innovative sports solutions.

Our main services are focused on 3 areas:

DESIGN OF SPORTS FACILITIES: We guide our customers in the choice of the necessary components to outfit their facilities for any sporting events, abiding by the International Technical Regulations in force and related price lists..

MARKETING: Wholesale and retail (retail is through our e-commerce site) for sports equipment for athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, elastic trampoline, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, rugby, muscle fitness; locker room furnishing and accident prevention. We offer items for both preparatory and professional fields, boasting distribution across Italy of important brands such as POLANIK (Poland), UCS/Spirit (USA), SASAKI (Japan), EUROTRAMP and SPIETH (Germany), AMAYA and TECNOLOGIA DEPORTIVA (Spain), NORDIC (Sweden) and NEMETH (Hungary).

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, ASSEMBLY AND REPAIR: Thanks to its highly-experienced, qualified technicians, Sport Italia is capable of assembling and installing all the marketed items in full compliance with the regulations on occupational safety, as well as providing after-sale assistance and original spare parts. NEWS: For a few years, we have also been involved in ordinary maintenance to prevent safety accidents in public schools’ gyms, with inspections carried out on basketball release systems, bleachers, window ladders etc., assessing the nuts and bolts quality in the existent assembly and replacing the parts when necessary and/or implementing safety measures.