Delivery locations

Sport Italia Srl delivers to all the EU countries.

Carrier used

Costs  are  calculated  according  to  package  weight  and  size  and  final  destination.  These  costs  will  be calculated and shown at the time of order confirmation.
Sport  Italia  Srl  reserves  the  right  to  ship  the  goods  with  the  carrier  it  deems  more  appropriate  for logistics reasons or due to the nature of the goods.

Delivery time and Shipping Procedures

If  the  goods  are  in  stock,  Sport  Italia  srl  reserves  a  business  day  for  packaging  and  fulfilment  of  the necessary administrative tasks. Carrier’s delivery time shall be added to this time.
Remember  that  delivery  times  and  procedures  vary  depending  on  the  carrier  that  will  be  used.
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are not considered in the calculation of the delivery days.

How to Deal with Product Delivery

In  order to  make our  service more  efficient,  pleasecheck the  conditions of  the  packaging  at  delivery time.
If  the  package  is  not  intact,  accept  it  with  reserve,  in  other  words  in  the  delivery  note,  beside  the signature, clearly mark "RECEIVED with RESERVE. Package was damaged".
If the packaging is so seriously damaged that the internal content has been damaged, reject the goods by writing on the delivery note "REJECTED GOODS, damaged package."
In addition, ensure that the quantity of packages is correct.
Any  disputes  must  be  raised  immediately  with  the  carrier,  otherwise  the  products  will  be deemed delivered correctly.
The delivery note or invoice, contained in the special pocket applied outside the package must be kept as a valid document to be used as proof of warranty.